Can a Music Lawyer Get You a Record Deal?

Most artists have NO CLUE of all the incredible things a lawyer can do for your music career.


They don’t just look at contracts..


They can….


-Get you a record deal by shopping your album to record labels

-Get you a manager

-Get you a publishing deal

-Connect you with other songwriters and producers

-Help you monetize your music

-Help you protect your music and copyrights

-and lots more


LAWYERS WEAR MANY HATS and have the ability to connect you with key people WHILE also protecting you and making sure your paperwork is in order.

For me, my lawyer has been the one consistent thing in my music career over the last decade.

I have switched managers 4 times, went completely independent,  signed to a major record deal, left and went independent again, travelled the world,  I’ve released albums, toured and focused on performing….

My point is… I’ve done a lot of things and changed my paths dozens of times..

but the only thing I have stayed consistent with and literally the ONE PERSON who has been very valuable  in my life has been my lawyer.