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We distribute music to iTunes as well as Spotify and other major platforms like Tidal and Google Music. In all, we distribute to +150 platforms. You can see a full list of platforms on our website

Once tracks have passed our QC it typically takes 48 hours for them to appear online. The earlier you submit your track, the better success you will have with your release

No, The store will reject multiple platform distribution.

Send an email to with the words “CANCEL MY DISTRIBUTION” in the subject field. It can take up to 72 hours for your release to be removed.

To proceed with a catalogue transfer from another distributor to Kolektiv House, we recommend following these steps:

  1. “Create the releases” in the platform by using the same metadata previously used. ISRC code is one of the most important metadata that has to be kept the same, together with the release title, artist names, audio master. This will help data synchronization between the previous release and the new one distributed by your platform (ie. not losing plays on Spotify).  About UPC code, you can use the same as long as the release you’re redistributing is exactly the same as before.
  2. Distribute the content.
  3. Wait until the content appears online on the main channels. The same content will appear as duplicated (one from the former distributor and the other one just distributed by your platform) and you can confirm that synchronization has been completed (it can take up to a week). 
  4. Once you can confirm the synchronization has been successfully done, you can request the takedown from the previous distributor.

To ensure there is no disruption in service please ensure all replacement content is:

  • Exactly the same as the initial delivery in regards to track audio, ISRC, product type (single / album) and metadata to encourage track linking.
  • Delivered at least 5 business days in advance of the set live date.

Please take into account that synchronization depends on channels. Channels never assure releases synchronization even when all the previous metadata are maintained. KH suggests the above procedure since it has proven to be effective most of the time.

Diamond distribution is a fully customizable digital distribution package for artists and labels that require a more active role from Kolektiv House. This hands-on approach can range from providing cover art, to assisting with production, to pitch the music to major labels.

Please see the relevant websites for FAQ or alternatively, you can contact their support.

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Our guidelines for cover art are. JPG or. PNG files minimum  3000×3000 pixels & maximum 5000×5000

Our audio format requirements are 16/24 bit 44.1k .WAV files.